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French Coatings Q & A

Answers to Your Questions

Question: What is an elastomeric roof coating?

Answer: These coatings can work with almost any roof type. Another advantage is they are long-lasting. The coatings are resistant to fungi and mildew among other common materials that damage roofs with time. Another advantage of the coatings is that they are seamless, providing a neat uniform coating.

Elastomeric coatings offer individual benefits to certain roof types. For instance, polyurethane foam roofing benefits greatly from the coatings by getting great ozone and UV light protection.

The heat reflexive properties also offer great benefits such as lowering cooling costs. This advantage is enjoyed regardless of the roof type. The heat reflexive properties also offer anti-aging properties when coatings reflect harsh sun rays which age roofs with time.

Elastomeric roof coatings are also simple to use, VOC compliant and nontoxic. Protection, Reflectivity, Property Owners, Commercial Contractors, Managers, Commercial Architects, Green Roof, Energy Efficient.

Question: What substrates can ERC-100 be used on?

Answer: Metal, concrete, masonry, stucco, built up roofs, RV roofs, and aged roofs previously coated with asphalt, aluminum or tar.

Question: What does our finished product look like?

Answer: White

Question: How can ERC-100 be applied?

Answer: Prior to application, make sure the surface is clean dry and free of grease, oils, or any other contaminates. If applying with a sprayer it is recommended that you use a 3,000 psi or larger sprayer and a .017 tip or larger. You may also apply with a brush or roller if you do not want to spray.

Question: How far will a 5-gallon pale of ERC-100 go?

Answer: 50-100 sq. ft./gal.